Different equipment for different needs

Auram Earth Block Press : An introduction to Aureka's "Mud Brick Press"

No small credit for this change in application and quality can be attributed to Aureka and the Auroville Earth Institute (http://www.earth-auroville.com) a leading player in earth architecture and earth construction, and its widely acclaimed manual and motorized Auram Presses, the only Indian-made Earth Block Presses (also known as "Mud Brick Press") exported for many years now to 44 different countries all over the world.

Auram Press 3000:  Aureka in collabotation with the Auroville Earth Institute developed the original Auram 3000 Earth Block Press in 1990 (named   after the “rammed earth” construction technique, a precursor to machine-compressed blocks).
Since then the mud brick press has been the subject of continuing Research & Development, and has been considerably improved. It has proved ideal for builders utilising earth architecture, earth construction and appropriate building technologies without compromising the highest standards of quality, strength and durability.




In response to the request of many customers Aureka has developed a variety of motorized earth construction machinery.

Auram Press 4000: A semi-automatic earth block press with a practical output of 300-350 full blocks or 600-700 half blocks per hour.  The design is based on the successful design of the Auram Press 3000.  A maximum of 20 metric tons peak force on the block surface is achieved with a minimum amount electrical or diesel power.

During operation the lid of the mold is closed automatically, pre-compressingthe earth within the mold.  Then with a single command the primary hydraulic cylinder compresses the block from the bottom, opens the lid and ejects the block. With the secondary cylinder the hopper brings the fresh earth mix to the mold and pushes the finished block onto the out-feed table.  With further commands machine is brought back to the “start position” and the cycle continues.The Auram press ships with   our standard block molds.


Auram Press 4000A: Fully automatic motorized hydraulic press with all machine functions controlled by microprocessor.  The Auram Press 6000 is capable of producing one full block or two half blocks every six seconds (600 full blocks or 1200 half blocks per hour). It is well suited for continuous operation in a commercial block yard for high-volume block making for major construction projects




  Auramix 5000: The Auramix 5000 is a cost effective and productive  metering / mixing solution, which continuously delivers a homogeneous, moist, earth, and stabilizer mixture suitable for compressed stabilized earth block (CSEB) production at a rate of up to 7 m3 per hour, resulting in higher quality CSEB, at faster production rates, versus outmoded batch mixers.



Auram Crusher: A mechanized crusher can take your operation to a higher level of efficiency and productivity, freeing up your valuable human resources for more creative and less back-breaking work. Rock crushing machines are available from other manufacturers, but rock crushers are very heavy and difficult to transport and maneuver on-site; they are expensive, require a great deal of power, and are thus expensive to operate. The Auram Crusher however has been specifically designed for CSEB production and SRE construction projects. The Auram Crusher is light enough for a small crew to load onto a trailer for transportation, and is easily maneuverable on the job site, either manually by a small crew, or by towing with a tractor (at or below 20 km/ hr.)


  Today these machineries rank  as one of the best for CSEB manufacture in the world.